Astro Adventures:

an online astronomy enrichment course


I’m very excited to share this adventure with you. Click here to learn more about me and my astrophysics research. During the next two months, we will journey through the stars together, from our Solar System to the early Universe. Click on the links below or the tabs above to begin the adventure.

Week 1: Getting to know you & Size and Scale (Sunday, Sept. 25th)

Week 2: Earth in Context (Sunday, Oct. 2nd)

Week 3: Observing Project Begins (Sunday, Oct. 9th)

Week 4: Stellar Life Cycle (Sunday, Oct. 16th)

Week 5: Galaxy Properties & Observing Project Peer-Review

(Sunday, Oct. 23rd)

Week 6: Cosmology (Sunday, Oct. 30th)

Week 7: Where in the Universe is Sally Ride’s Space Suit?

(Sunday, Nov. 6th)

Week 8: Observing Project Final Report (Sunday, Nov. 13th)

Week 9: Choose Your Own Adventure (Sunday, Nov. 20th)

[Due dates in Orange.]


In 1996, the Hubble Space Telescope took the deepest image of our Universe, a 10-day exposure of a region about the size of our moon. In this image are ~1500 visible galaxies, with the furthest lying 13 billion light-years away.

Me, on the Great Wall

Eagle Nebula

Spiral Galaxy

Interacting Galaxies

Cosmology Timeline